StarGame Alpha V0.0.6


+ added another kind of alien: green ones are bad (shoot them and you get points), blueish ones are good (don’t shoot – deduct points)

+ added saving and loading mechanism:

  • score is saved each time the player reaches the right end of the stage (level)
  • save file is at “C:\Users\*username*\Documents\StarGameSave.txt”
  • score is loaded from file every time the game starts

+ added sound feedback: when you shoot, a shooting sound plays

* internally added crashing mechanism (not yet active though)

* many improvements, bug fixes and optimizations (including window flickering)

How to play:

The key bindings are as follows

  • Arrow keys – move ship (white rectangle
  • Page up – activate weapons
  • Space key – shoot

Go to the right end of the window to complete the stage.
The game counts your score. When killing a green alien, you get 100 points. When killing a cyan alien, you lose 100 points. When completing a stage, your get 10 points and your score is saved.

Known Bugs:

  • If you hit an asteroid, you don’t crash but fly past it
  • Green (hostile) aliens don’t attack (not yet implemented, will do later)
  • Sometimes, there is a glitch where one or multiple aliens on a stage won’t die even though you shot them
  • You can’t move while the shooting sound is playing
  • You can’t move in a 45-degree-angle by pressing two keys at once (not a planned feature anyway)
  • Shooting without the shot.wav file in the same directory as the SpaceGameVX.X.X.jar file will crash the game. Re-download the game if you are having problems.
  • If your hard drive isn’t labeled “C:”, saving and loading the score won’t work. This doesn’t affect gameplay.
  • Saving and loading doesn’t work on Mac OS. Will work on that.

System Requirements:

The game only works with the latest Java software installed and requires Windows Vista or later. Runs on OS X, too, but no saving/loading yet.


Hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment to give me feedback and feel free to share this post!