StarGame Alpha 0.0.7 – The “You crashed!” Update

You’re right. This update finally enables collisions with asteroids. YEHA!


fixed collision checking, working and properly implemented now. You crash after the second collision with an asteroid and the game quits.

fixed alien hitbox: now all aliens you shoot do actually die!

+ fixed saving/loading mechanism: your score saves/loads on any operating system you might ever use!

– removed ammo and alien health. These were in-dev and planned features, but I dropped them in order to keep the game simple.

* tons of code rewritten, optimized, bugs squashed. Also minor improvements made here and there.

How to play:

To enable the weapons, press the page up key once. You have to re-enable weapons every time you launch the game.

Reminder: the controls are as follows

  • Arrow keys – move ship (white rectangle)
  • Space key – shoot
  • Page up – activate weapons
  • Escape key – exit the game (your score is saved automatically)

Make your way to the right end of the window to complete a stage.
What matters, though, is your score.
Kill a green alien, get 100 points. Kill a cyan alien, lose 100 points. Complete a stage, and you get 10 points and your score is saved.

List of known bugs:

  • If you hit an asteroid, you don’t crash but fly past it
  • Green (hostile) aliens don’t attack (not yet implemented, will do later)
  • Sometimes, there is a glitch where one or multiple aliens on a stage won’t die even though you shot them
  • You can’t move while the shooting sound is playing
  • If your hard drive isn’t labeled “C:”, saving and loading the score won’t work. This doesn’t affect gameplay.
  • Saving and loading doesn’t work on Mac OS. Will work on that.

System Requirements:

The game’s only requirement is the latest version of Java. Get Java here.


I hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment to give me feedback and feel free to share this post using the handy buttons below!

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