StarGame Alpha v0.0.8 – “Perhaps the greatest update ever” (not)

I’ve spent the past (two hours) weeks (not) rewriting (but still) optimizing the code, as well as (actually) adding some (small but notable) new features that (do) make the game act and feel more like a game.

Major improvements include:

+ Revamped gameplay: you now have three lives, but crash instantly when hitting an Asteroid
+ Info Messages! …at game start, crash and game over! Your top score out of the three tries you had is displayed at the game over screen.
+ Marginal improvements and fixes

By the way, since I’ve moved the entire project (it’s not very big, but “entire” sounds like it actually took some time and efforts) from BlueJ over to Eclipse, so coding should be waaaaay faster now.


.zip, about 21 kb

Extract the .zip contents to a folder of your liking and double-click the .jar file to start the game! Refer to the README.TXT file for info on how to see console message output.

StarGame is © CONATH / Christoph Parstorfer 2014.