StarGame Beta V0.1 – The Grand Release

Once again, a StarGame update. That’s probably what you’re thinking right now. But this one is unlike any other that you will see. It’s groundbreaking. Epic. Fantabulous. Not kidding this time.

(video link:


+ Re-wrote and tweaked literally all the code (not kidding!)

+ DON’T CRASH! Asteroids fly past you as you travel the infinity of StarGame space.
+ SHOOT THEM! Aliens appear randomly throughout your journey. Can you shoot them all? No. Will you try? Yes.
– You can only move up, down and shoot. No forward/backward controls required as the ship moves by itself anyway.
* Controls register when you release the key. Say, you want to go up, you have to press and release the up arrow to do that.

+ Smoother gameplay thanks to automatic FPS stabilization
+ Added ability to pause the game! Press the Escape key while playing to pause the game. Press any of the other game controls to resume or hit Escape again to quit.
+ Added awesome background music! (Ouroboros by Kevin MacLeod) (it pauses when you pause the game!)
+ Added a way better laser shooting sound!
+ You now have 5 lives! Weee!
+ Ditched “stages” and implemented “distance”. Every 1000 game ticks, you get 10 points! Yeah?!
* Fixed at least three tons of bugs. Might even be four.

* Known bug: the background music doesn’t restart after it has finished playing. I’m working on that one.

Updated Controls:

Up/Down arrow keys: move up / down (also: un-pause the game)
Space key: shoot (also: un-pause the game)
Escape key: pause the game, exit if already paused

Remember: shoot the green aliens only, shooting the blue ones deducts points!


Please share this post or the download link with anyone you think might be interested and everyone else, too. That would really help me, thanks. And don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or whishes. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


StarGame is Copyright Christoph Parstorfer / CONATH 2014. All rights reserved.