Podcast review and recommendation: “Let’s Talk iOS” by iDownloadblog

Let’s Talk iOS talks about Apple and iOS-related news, app updates/releases and rumors that you will most likely care about if you are interested in tech and Apple. The three hosts Sebastien, Jeff and Cody know each other really well, which creates a very pleasant and fun atmosphere for the listener. However, this combined with the infinity of related issues and everyday situations that the hosts really want to talk about makes the podcast go off-topic very easily. I’m not complaining about the natural, unscripted flow of the conversation, but I find myself less and less interested in the entire podcast every time there is a 20-minute rant about Amazon Fire TV stick dongle TV 4K Samsung clapping physics whatever. (Personal rant: COME ON! I usually listen to the show when I’ve got some free time and when I turn off my phone and ask myself what I was just listening to right there, that’s a really bad feeling.)
On the other hand, when the podcast doesn’t go off topic (which is 80% of the time), you will be able to enjoy a fun and informative talk about all things Apple and iOS.
One last thing to mention here are the rather frequent, unpleasant breaks, when the hosts (no offence) are busy looking up crucial facts they forgot about or did’t research about before the show. I think ROBOT NOIZE puts it best: “I wonder if my phone [has stopped] playing at least 10 times an episode.”

Even though one might not think so after reading the above, I really wish I could give this podcast a five-star rating. I enjoy listening to it very much and I look forward to every single episode to come. I find myself randomly cracking up in public when listening to this show. Pros are the mostly interesting topics and nice atmosphere created by the hosts. However, cons include sometimes lengthy off-topic roller-coaster rides and breaks that make you wonder if your phone’s battery just died. If you have some spare time to fill with news about iOS and Apple, I definitely recommend this podcast to you.

You can find it on the iTunes Store, as well as on the producer’s website, iDownloadblog.com.