Jailbreak Tweaks List preview

A running list of awesome jailbreak tweaks I use

As mentioned in the updated “Me, iDevices and jailbreaking” post, I have been keeping  a list of the jailbreak tweaks I use  on my iPhone and iPad just in case something happens and I need to restore my device(s). The lists includes a basic overview of the settings I chose for each tweak as well as the repository, if the tweak isn’t on a default Cydia repo.

In related news, I am working on “My perfect jailbroken iPhone” and “My perfect jailbroken iPad” posts!! Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates!

CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW LIST (iPhone tweaks only) (.pdf)

CLICK HERE FOR THE OUTDATED LIST (from January; includes iPad-only tweaks) (.pdf)

What about you? What tweaks do you use? Sound off in the comments!