A weekend with Impossible Polaroid film

For my birthday, amongst other things, I recieved six packs of
Polaroid instant film! Awesome! The (“Impossible B&W 2.0 Film”) is black-and-white and available for both Polaroid 600 and SX-70 cameras. It comes in two variants, one with the classic white frame and one with a modern black frame.

This weekend, I decided to give the black frame film a spin and went outside to find some nice subjects that match the topic “great outdoors”. Here are the results (click for expanded view):

This weekend, I used the one on the right because it has a close-up lens (used in picture no. 2).

Also, a friend came by and I took this… rather interesting portrait of him. The flash was a bit too much for his face apparently. ?

Overall, I am very impressed by the film’s performance.
As you can see in the second picture, many details are visible even though the scene is very bright. Impossible says that they improved the sharpness and contrast of their black and white film, and while I haven’t tried the previous generation of this film, their promises seem to hold true in most ways. I especially admire the black levels and the white color. (Frankly, on the white frame variant of this film, the white color seems to be noticeably orange-shaded.)

By the way, if you want to know some handy tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the Impossible B&W 2.0 and similar instant film, I will soon publish a lengthy article on my Polaroid shooting techniques. Stay tuned!

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