Work-In-Progress main menu of StarGame for iOS

I’m making an iOS game: StarGame

How it all got started
“The game didn’t recognize any user input whatsoever”
Fast forward to half a year ago, …
Introducing StarGame for iOS.

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How it all got started

The project began about two years ago: as I was teaching myself how to program in Java, I decided to make a simple computer game to gain some actual coding experience. Its initial name was “SpaceGame”; I uploaded the very first teasers to my YouTube channel on the 13th of December 2013:

And when my dad gifted me the “” domain and web server for Christmas 2013, I started posting about “SpaceGame” here as well. I continued working on it and soon renamed it to “StarGame”. I posted about the development progress rather frequently and released many WIP snapshots that nobody ever downloaded.

Finally, on the 13th of August 2014, the first beta version of StarGame was published. I was super stoked about it and quickly followed the post with a teaser on what was supposed to be included in the next update: actual graphics instead of the rectangle/triangle shapes I was using for the in-game entities at that time.

“The game didn’t recognize any user input whatsoever”

Then came the downfall. In order to display actual image assets, I had to completely rewrite the rendering engine. But even after doing that and many more tweaks and bug fixes, the crucial part of any application remained broken: the game did not recognize any user input whatsoever. In fact, you couldn’t even quit it normally as the close button didn’t register. Instead, you had to kill its process from the task manager.

I asked for help among programmers I knew and even posted on Stackoverflow – at no avail. Nobody knew how to solve the problems and I decided to let the project sleep for a while.

Some months later, I somehow managed to format both the hard drive and USB key on which the only copies of the StarGame were stored (seemingly without making a backup). Thinking I had lost it forever, I completely gave up on the project and started learning how to write iOS apps instead.

Fast forward to half a year ago, …

…when I found a copy of the StarGame Java code on my computer’s hard drive! Hooray! I was programming iOS apps in Swift at that time, so I started porting StarGame to iOS. That was in March of 2015.

Introducing StarGame for iOS.

As I learn more and more about iOS programming, more features get added to StarGame for iOS. Some general info about the app:

  • The app requires iOS 7.0 or later and should work on all devices that are compatible with iOS 7.
  • It’s universal – meaning the same app can be used on iPhone and iPad.
  • It scales automatically for different device sizes.

That’s as much as I’ll tell you for now. Lastly, here are some screenshots of the game in its current state: