Analyzing the upcoming Impossible instant camera

As you know, I have a passion for instant photography and the cameras connected to it. I have personally tried nearly every format of Polaroid films that has existed (except the pocket, 500 and 80-type films) and played with cameras from most formats. Impossible has been teasing their upcoming instant camera on Twitter for a few days:

Also, ICYMI, Impossible now has a new website, located at This is what it looks like: big teaser image of i-type camera That’s right, the first thing you’ll see on their website is a giant teaser for their camera that is “coming soon…”. Coming tomorrow actually, so it’s about time to get excited and get the rumor-mill going! Continue reading Analyzing the upcoming Impossible instant camera

UPDATED July 27: How to get DOSPAD on iOS – with or without a jailbreak

Another nerdy post! Yeha! Header image credit goes to TouchArcade.

Hot on the heels of my last post that focused on adding small tweaks to stock iOS 9 using modified iTunes Backups, here is a post about a previously jailbreak-only application running on normal iOS: DOSPAD. (A limited version of DOSPAD called iDos is available on the AppStore. This post is about the fully featured emulator.)

In case you’re wondering out loud, “Why would you want an MS-DOS emulator on your iPhone/iPad?”: Check out this YouTube video (Mac OS 8 on iPhone) and this article on TouchArcade (classic DOS games on iPad) for inspiration. DOSPAD is obviously more fun on iPad because of the added real estate and features, but it works on iPhone as well.

To follow through with this tutorial, you either need:

I’m making an iOS game: StarGame

How it all got started
“The game didn’t recognize any user input whatsoever”
Fast forward to half a year ago, …
Introducing StarGame for iOS.

To read more about my personal story of becoming a geek and iOS jailbreaker, this post might be interesting to you: Me, iDevices and Jailbreaking.

How it all got started

The project began about two years ago: as I was teaching myself how to program in Java, I decided to make a simple computer game to gain some actual coding experience. Its initial name was “SpaceGame”; I uploaded the very first teasers to my YouTube channel on the 13th of December 2013: Continue reading I’m making an iOS game: StarGame

Happy New Year!

I wish you all an exciting 2016!
Let me start things off by posting this LEGO clip I made on my iPhone a few days ago. I’m going to try to post more this year than I did in 2015, so let’s see if I’ll be able to keep that promise 😉

Ich wünsche euch allen ein aufregendes 2016!
Um meinen Vorsatz, 2016 mehr zu posten als 2015, gleich mal in Angriff zu nehmen, habe ich soeben ein weiteres LEGO Filmchen hochgeladen. Ich habe es vor ein paar Tagen mit meinem Cousin auf meinem iPhone erstellt. Das Videomaterial ist hiermit öffentliches Eigentum (public domain). Die Rechte am Audiomaterial liegen wie immer nicht bei mir 😉

Die vier Klonkrieger und die geheime Insel – LEGO Stop Motion Film (Made on iPhone)

CONATH Films präsentiert (in Zusammenarbeit mit Till):
„Die vier Klonkrieger und die geheime Insel” ist der neueste LEGO Stop Motion Film von CONATH. Diesmal wurden im Gegensatz zu den bisherigen Filmen eine professionelle Stop Motion App benutzt, was einige neue Effekte und Techniken erlaubt. Zum Beispiel wurde fast durchgehend die Greenscreen-Funktion verwendet. Das trägt zur gestiegenen “Production Value” bei.
Apps: “iStopMotion Studio Pro”, “iMovie”, “GarageBand”
Länge: 1:05

Die Sounds stammen von, und anderen Quellen. Sie sind nicht unter Lizenz verwendet. Alle Rechte bleiben also bei ihren ursprünglichen Inhabern. Falls Sie die weitere Verwendung Ihrer Sounds unterbinden möchten, weisen Sie mich bitte umgehend darauf hin (

Alle Rechte an verwendeten Markennamen verbleiben selbstverständlich bei ihren Inhabern.
Das Videomaterial ist © CONATH 2015. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

[discussion / concept] Hiding stock apps on iOS

At the end of last week, I asked myself the following question:

Why is there no way to delete stock Apple apps on iOS?

That seems like a good idea, right? It would free up some disk space and de-clutter the home screen.

The answer is pretty simple: without its stock apps, iOS wouldn’t work well. Sure, you could live without Compass, iBooks, Tips, Passbook/Wallet and you-name-it. But when it gets to things like Calendar, Mail, Safari or Clock, uninstalling those would break lots of features across iOS. No iCloud calendar whatsoever (even third-party Calendar apps rely on the stock app for iCloud calendars). No emails via the share sheet. No web browsing, even in many third-party apps. No alarms or timers with Siri.

The list goes on. Even just uninstalling the Stocks or Weather apps would make Notification Center, Calendar and Siri unstable, as there are stock (no pun intended) Weather and Stocks widgets in NC and weather info in Calendar and Siri. Continue reading [discussion / concept] Hiding stock apps on iOS